Are free credit report sites safe?

Every consumer now has access to a free credit report annually from one of the three major bureaus, thanks to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) issued in 2003. The best way to get the free credit report from the three major bureaus is through The website is considered to be safe.

However, you can also get your credit report from each of the bureaus. Sadly, the bureaus do not offer a free credit report themselves. If you click their free credit report option, you will be redirected to Since the federal law mandates each bureau to offer you a free credit report, you can get three free credit reports each from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Free Credit Report From Other Sources

Apart from getting a free credit report provided by the three major bureaus from, you can also get the report from several other sources which include your bank, state, and free websites

Getting a free credit report from your bank is safe. However, not all banks offer free credit reports. Some popular banks that offer free credit report include Citibank, Chase Bank, Barclays, Discover Card, and so forth. You can find out if your bank is offering a free credit report by contacting them.

Several states offer at least one free credit report per year. States like Colorado and Georgia offer free credit report per year; however, Georgia offers up to two free credit reports per year.

As you can expect, free credit reports from your state and the bank are safe. Before looking for some other alternatives to get a free credit report, it is usually a good practice to check with your bank and state.

You can also obtain a free credit report from several other sources and websites. Some of the most popular sites to get a free credit report per year include Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, Quizzle, Wallet Hub, and so forth. However, offers up to two free credit reports per year.

The aforementioned sites are generally safe and do not ask for subscription and/or credit card information before issuing your free credit report. The sites rely on advertisement and your information can be used to advertise some other products such as a mortgage.

However, there are oodles of some other sites for obtaining a free credit report. Some of these sites claim to offer free credit reports to consumers but in the actual sense, they do not. You should be wary of sites requesting for your credit card details and asking you to subscribe before issuing your free credit report.

It is usually better to opt for sites offering a free credit report without any obligation. Also, ensure that the platform is SSL encrypted in order to be on the safer side with your information.

You need a free credit report to access your credit history and performance as often as possible. With a free credit report, you can easily improve your credit score and credit behavior.

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